Advice for New Parents

Are you expecting your first child?  This is an exciting time for new parents and also one filled with anxiety.  Friends, family and coworkers have no doubt all wished you well as you embark of the most rewarding and challenging job of your life. Take it one day at a time and follow these recommendations from the Pediatric experts to ensure your first few weeks at home with your newborn are indeed magical.

If you’re fortunate enough to live near friends and family that have offered to help out those first few weeks after bringing your baby home, by all means, accept their generosity. In many parts of the country the tradition is to bring new parents prepared meals – lots of prepared meals. Be thankful instead of overwhelmed and begin to stock your freezer.  Long nights awake comforting your baby will put you in a euphoric fog for the first few weeks. Taking a shower will seem like a luxury. The priority these first few weeks is taking care of the baby and getting adequate sleep.  Household chores and errands can all wait. They’ll still be there when you’re ready. Most pediatricians recommend not taking a new born to public places for at least three weeks. This will allow time for their immune systems to develop. With the advent of curtesy shoppers and curbside delivery at so many drug stores and grocery store, this will be easier to achieve than ever before.

There will be several trips to the pediatrician’s office the first few months to evaluate your baby’s growth and development as well as the start of immunizations to protect the life-long health of your child and those they come into contact with.

After your baby has developed somewhat of a rhythm, reconnect with friends and family who are all no doubt anxious to welcome your newborn. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and splurge on a few cigars from the great selection available at JR Cigars. Step out on the deck and celebrate the arrival of your new bundle of joy!